An idyllic holiday cottage in the heart of Lustleigh on Devon’s Dartmoor

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Dartmoor Pixies defy Lockdown

Kitty Jay's grave on Dartmoor

The Dartmoor Grave of Kitty Jay

Despite being in lockdown, fresh flowers have continued to mysteriously appear on Kitty Jay’s grave.  Those familiar with Dartmoor folklore will know that this special burial mound is tended by the Dartmoor Pixies out of sympathy for Kitty Jay’s sad tale – you can read all about Kitty Jay’s story on our Dartmoor Must See’s page.

When interviewed on the matter, ‘Pixie Pete’ stressed they were not breaking the lockdown rules as “tending the grave is part of our daily exercise, me ‘ansome”.  Pete was pressed on the 2 meter social distancing rule, to which he explained “given we’re only 4 inches tall, we reckon 6 inches is ample social distancing, so we can easily have 20 to 30 of us pixies looking after Kitty Jay’s resting place in one go”.

Kitty Jay’s grave is just a short drive from our Dartmoor holiday cottage in Lustleigh, and really is a “must see“.  Once we’re out of lockdown, and you can holiday in Dartmoor again, the Pixies would love to see you pay your respects to Kitty Jay and admire their careful work.  They also recommend staying at Three Pound Cottage 🙂

13 May 20