An idyllic holiday cottage in the heart of Lustleigh on Devon’s Dartmoor

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Don’t Panic, it’s Ten Tors


Ten Tors Challenge across Dartmoor, Devon

Ten Tors Challenge

A yomp from our Dartmoor holiday cottage this weekend may strike fear into the heart.

Seeing a large horde of teenagers, soldiers, naval helicopters and search & rescue are individually concerning but all together!

Don’t fear, this is the amazing annual Dartmoor event “The Ten Tors“.

2,400 teenagers rise to the challenge of hiking across Dartmoor in teams of 6, covering distances from 35 to 55 miles over 2 days.  They’ll be covering some of Dartmoor’s roughest terrain in changeable weather conditions, carrying all they need to get through the next 2 days, including wild camping!

We wish all the teams good luck, happy trails and safe home – they’re awesome.