An idyllic holiday cottage in the heart of Lustleigh on Devon’s Dartmoor

Rare Deer on Dartmoor

Extremely Rare White Deer seen 8 miles from our Dartmoor Holiday Cottage in Lustleigh, Devon

A White Hart that’s not a pub

An extremely rare white deer was seen on Dartmoor last week.  It was spotted by walkers enjoying Dunsford Nature Reserve which is only 8 miles from our Dartmoor Holiday Cottage.

The walkers showed the Devon Wildlife Trust amazing video footage of the fallow deer travelling in a herd.  It is believed a rare genetic condition called Leucism has affected the deer resulting in the white appearance through a partial loss of pigmentation.

There are quite a few herds of deer living in the Teign Valley,  which roam between the forests close to Lustleigh and Dunsford Woods.  Although not common place, it’s not unheard of for a quiet or resting walker to come across a deer or two when walking on Dartmoor.

You never know, you might be lucky enough to spot a real White Hart whilst staying at our Dartmoor Holiday Home.  You’ll certainly be sure to see an abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery.

28 Apr 20