An idyllic holiday cottage in the heart of Lustleigh on Devon’s Dartmoor

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Rare find proves Tintagel was a royal seat?

Tintagel, only 55 miles from the Dartmoor holiday cottage, is a great day out

Tintagel (IDS Photos)

A 1,300 year old piece of slate is now on display at Tintagel Castle.

The slate is a rare archaeological find as it is inscribed with a combination of Latin letters and Christian symbols, adding weight to the theory that Tintagel was a royal seat.  Bizarrely it was being used as a window ledge!  Read all about it in the full BBC news story.

Tintagel is only 55 miles away and makes for a great day out whilst staying at our Dartmoor holiday cottage.  We like to combine it with a morning of Dragon Archery (one of our top 10 holiday must do’s), lunch in Boscastle and dinner at Port Isaac (home of Doc Martin) – it’s doable thanks to the great location of Three Pound Cottage.