Three Pound Cottage

An idyllic holiday cottage in the heart of Lustleigh on Devon’s Dartmoor

Prettiest towns and villages in Devon

Shaldon the best seaside day out whilst holidaying at our cottage on Dartmoor

Devon Live have compiled a list of the 18 prettiest towns and villages in Devon. It’s no surprise that Lustleigh features highly on that list with both the Cleave Inn and the Primrose tea rooms being highighted.

Their top 5 prettiest places to visit are: Kenn, Beer, Lustleigh, Shaldon and Berrynabor. If you can only visit one during your Devon holiday be sure to visit Lustleigh. Unless of course you’re staying at our Dartmoor Holiday Cottage in which case make sure you take a trip to Shaldon, one of our favourite places.

31 Jul 20

Dartmoor Price Freeze extended

Boris Johnson celebrating the good news that Three Pound Cottage, the Dartmoor Holiday Home in Lustleigh has reopened
We can book Three Pound Cottage!

Well what a weekend for celebration this one has been. The latest easing of the lockdown has enabled Dartmoor Holiday Cottages to reopen.

We’re so thrilled to be able to welcome guests again. The last few months have been very sad having to disappoint some of our regular visitors.

To celebrate this good news, we’re extending our Dartmoor Price Freeze until 30th September. Which means, for the next 3 months, you can still book your 2021 holiday at Three Pound Cottage for 2020 prices!

04 Jul 20

Dartmoor Pub tops Times list

The Times has compiled a list of the best 30 pub gardens to enjoy this summer. It really was no surprise to see one of our favourite Dartmoor pubs, the Rugglestone Inn in Widecombe, has been given the number one spot!

It is rightly deserved, they have a fantastic large garden with plenty of tables and seating. We always make sure we visit the Rugglestone Inn for a spot of lunch whenever we holiday at our self catering cottage in Lustleigh. In fact, a visit to Widecombe on a sunny day to have lunch at the Rugglestone is one of our recommended top 10 things to do whilst holidaying on Dartmoor.

27 Jun 20

Dartmoor Tea Room makes the grade

View of Primrose Tea Rooms from the garden of our thatched holiday cottage in Lustleigh
View of Tea Rooms from Three Pound Cottage

As the country moves towards normality with the easing of the lockdown restrictions, restaurants and cafe’s are looking to reopen. In anticipation of when you can meet up with a friend or loved one for a cuppa and slice of cake, or even a Devon Cream Tea, Simone Stanbrook-Byrne has compiled a list of the 6 best tea rooms in Devon for Devon Life magazine.

It’s no surprise the Primrose Tea Rooms in Lustleigh features in the list. The idyllic setting in one of the prettiest Dartmoor villages combined with their excellent food and enchanting garden makes this Tea Rooms a firm favourite for guests staying at our Dartmoor Holiday Cottage. The bonus being that it is only a stones throw from the cottage’s front door.

We really do count ourselves lucky that our Dartmoor Holiday Cottage is in Lustleigh, one of the very few Dartmoor Villages with a great pub, super tea rooms and a well stocked shop, all three practically on the doorstep along with some amazing Dartmoor walks.

31 May 20

Dartmoor’s Open

Views of Dartmoor and Chagford from Meldon Hill

Beautiful photo taken by Eleanor Ludgate

The recent changes to the lockdown measures now permit unlimited amounts of outdoor exercise as well as being able to drive anywhere to take that exercise.  This means you can now visit Dartmoor to exercise and lift your spirits by taking in the stunning scenery and stimulating fresh air.   Unfortunately the pubs remain closed as do the Dartmoor Visitor Centres, public toilets and of course you can not yet holiday on Dartmoor and enjoy staying at this perfect Dartmoor Holiday Cottage.

The Dartmoor National Park authority have reopened the car parks at Haytor, Meldon, Postbridge and Princetown.  If you can enjoy exercising on Dartmoor, why not take inspiration from our Dartmoor Walks page, obviously the “Three Pub Walk” is less attractive at the moment.

Please stay safe and remember to maintain social distancing.

15 May 20

Dartmoor Pixies defy Lockdown

Kitty Jay's grave on Dartmoor

The Dartmoor Grave of Kitty Jay

Despite being in lockdown, fresh flowers have continued to mysteriously appear on Kitty Jay’s grave.  Those familiar with Dartmoor folklore will know that this special burial mound is tended by the Dartmoor Pixies out of sympathy for Kitty Jay’s sad tale – you can read all about Kitty Jay’s story on our Dartmoor Must See’s page.

When interviewed on the matter, ‘Pixie Pete’ stressed they were not breaking the lockdown rules as “tending the grave is part of our daily exercise, me ‘ansome”.  Pete was pressed on the 2 meter social distancing rule, to which he explained “given we’re only 4 inches tall, we reckon 6 inches is ample social distancing, so we can easily have 20 to 30 of us pixies looking after Kitty Jay’s resting place in one go”.

Kitty Jay’s grave is just a short drive from our Dartmoor holiday cottage in Lustleigh, and really is a “must see“.  Once we’re out of lockdown, and you can holiday in Dartmoor again, the Pixies would love to see you pay your respects to Kitty Jay and admire their careful work.  They also recommend staying at Three Pound Cottage 🙂

13 May 20

May Day goes ahead, virtually

May Day is one of the highlights in the Dartmoor Calendar and Lustleigh has been celebrating it in style since 1905.  Guests at our Dartmoor holiday cottage are normally treated to an amazing experience of the village coming together to crown the May Queen and enjoy the festivities of the day including a Maypole dance.

Despite Coronavirus, this year was no exception as the great folk of Lustleigh chose to celebrate virtually and produced a fantastic video: Lustleigh May Day 2020.

Not only has it brightened our May Day but it really shows the beauty and spirit of the village.  A huge “Thank You” to Lustleigh, we’re so lucky our Dartmoor holiday home is in such a fantastic village.

03 May 20

Price Freeze for Dartmoor holidays

The Dartmoor Holiday Home freezes prices for 2021 bookngs

Dartmoor, a holiday to look forward to

Three Pound Cottage, the Dartmoor Holiday Home is now available to book for 2021.  Not only that, the prices have been frozen until 1st July.  This means you could book your Dartmoor holiday for 2021 at 2020 prices saving up to £60.

Owner Michaela said “Everybody needs a holiday to look forward to, moreso in these difficult times, so we pulled out the stops and got the holiday cottage on sale early for next year.  Then after Brian had done all the hard work on prices I decided to give our customers something more by keeping them the same as this year for the next 2 months.  Brian and I felt it was the right thing to do to balance up with our ‘book Dartmoor with confidence‘ promise for this year”.

10 May 20

Rare Deer on Dartmoor

Extremely Rare White Deer seen 8 miles from our Dartmoor Holiday Cottage in Lustleigh, Devon

A White Hart that’s not a pub

An extremely rare white deer was seen on Dartmoor last week.  It was spotted by walkers enjoying Dunsford Nature Reserve which is only 8 miles from our Dartmoor Holiday Cottage.

The walkers showed the Devon Wildlife Trust amazing video footage of the fallow deer travelling in a herd.  It is believed a rare genetic condition called Leucism has affected the deer resulting in the white appearance through a partial loss of pigmentation.

There are quite a few herds of deer living in the Teign Valley,  which roam between the forests close to Lustleigh and Dunsford Woods.  Although not common place, it’s not unheard of for a quiet or resting walker to come across a deer or two when walking on Dartmoor.

You never know, you might be lucky enough to spot a real White Hart whilst staying at our Dartmoor Holiday Home.  You’ll certainly be sure to see an abundance of wildlife and beautiful scenery.

28 Apr 20

“Practically Perfect Cottage”

TripAdvisor describes Three Pound Cottage as “Practically Perfect”, the only problem is “leaving”.

Three Pound Cottage, the Dartmoor Holiday Rental achieves consistent 5 star reviews

Perfect holiday cottage on Dartmoor

This Dartmoor holiday rental now has 39 reviews on TripAdvisor, all rate their stay as excellent.  The latest review gives high praise describing the holiday cottage as being practically perfect saying the only problem was leaving.

Like this review, many mention how owners Michaela and Brian do all they can to ensure their guests are comfortable, feel at home and get the most out of their stay.

When Michaela and Brian restored and renovated this historic cottage they did so with the mindset of it becoming not only their own Dartmoor Holiday Home but one that they would be proud to share with others.  It is this approach of ensuring that everything is as they would want it to be for themselves that generates such consistently good reviews.

It’s no wonder many of their guests return year after year.

13 Apr 20

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